All photography provided by Mark Liston Bender, James McClean, & Xavier Jubier

The Solar Eclipse on Aug. 21st 2017 offers a unique opportunity to observe the Solar Eclipse for an extended period of time.  The "Eclipse Across America" project, with its three different streams; the Eclipse MegaMovie, MOCA (Multiple Overlapping Camera Array), and #ArtTheEclipse, intends to capture and document this totality in an unprecedented way.



Each stream of the Eclipse Across America Project focuses on a different form of observation. The Eclipse MegaMovie will leverage a vast segment of the population and their "Smart Phones" to capture many thousands of High Dynamic Range (HDR) "Still Images" which will be processed and aggregated into a coast-to-coast "movie". MOCA will place 48 identical camera systems at specific and regular intervals along the path of totality and will film in RAW video format. We will then join each section at the "overlap" to produce a continuous film of the entire landfall totality. #ArtTheEclipse will take advantage of all the artists whose form of imaging is not photographic but rather "artistic", to paint, sketch or draw what they see. Despite their differences, each participant will be an "ECLIPSE OBSERVER". By becoming a certified participant each member of any of these teams will become an "OFFICIAL ECLIPSE OBSERVER". We are now in the preliminary design phase for the Official Patch that will signify your involvement in the project.

Official Eclipse Observers will not only participate in an unprecedented observation of the Total Eclipse of the Sun, but will also be part of a new generation; “Generation Eclipse”, of solar eclipse observers moving forward into the new age of American Eclipses.


  • Has made a commitment to participate in one or more of the Eclipse Across America Observer Streams.
  • Has studied the requirements for participation
  • Has registered as an Official Eclipse Observer
  • Has acquired the requisite equipment required to participate
  • Has coordinated their observation site so as to fulfill a required portion of the experiment.
  • Is prepared to undertake the expedition to the path of totality