Documentary Premier July 13

Press Release

Eclipse Across America, Inc. and CuriosityStream have partnered to create a four episode
limited series titled Eclipse Across America designed to build public awareness for the historic,
upcoming Eclipse on August 21st, 2017. Coast-to-coast principal photography was completed
March 2017.

CuriosityStream, the world’s first ad-free streaming service for factual programs in science,
technology, nature, history and more, is the vision of Discovery Communications founder John
Hendricks, with former Executive Vice President of Global Content for NGC Worldwide, Steve
Burns, as Head of Content. This limited series is the first offering available about the dynamics
of how and where to see this once-in-a-lifetime Eclipse.

Slated for a July 13th, 2017 premiere, the limited series will feature experts, scientists, animation and stunning 4K cinematography that is the hallmark of CuriosityStream programming.

“This will be the first time in almost four decades that a total solar eclipse will be visible from the United States,” said CuriosityStream’s Steve Burns. “The Eclipse Across America team
travelled from the shores of Oregon across our great nation to South Carolina to reveal to our
audience the best, and oftentimes secret, spots to witness this remarkable event, and to
showcase not only the most enjoyable way to experience the eclipse, but also the science
behind it.”

Eclipse Across America, Inc. was co-founded by filmmaker/director and Eclipse Chaser Mark
Bender and Producer Elizabeth (Betty) Buckley. They are joined on this CuriosityStream
production by Michael Mavretic, who serves as writer/producer for the series. The EAA team
previously worked together on the National Geographic special, Easter Island Eclipse.
Each episode focuses on a different aspect – from viewing locations to key details of this
Eclipse; From the science of how and why eclipses happen, to the different ways scientists,
eclipse chasers, and the general public can watch and experience it.

Says Bender, “Having traveled across the entire country along the path of totality, I was
humbled at my journey’s conclusion on the coast in South Carolina. Once there I was struck by
what a truly unique moment this total eclipse will be for this vast and diverse nation!”
The Oregon segment of the trip features astronomer, professor, eclipse chaser, and artist, Tyler
Nordgren, who created an original “Eclipse Across America” poster, available free for all to
download on the NASA and EAA website.

The series reveals how different communities along the eclipse path are preparing for the event. States are expecting huge crowds, while most hotels along the path are sold out. Some
municipalities have gone into full emergency preparedness mode.

Along the path, from Lincoln City, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina, festivals large and
small are planned, from wineries in the Willamette Valley to the events in Columbia, South
Carolina, where the local baseball team, The Fireflies, will play—then pause the game for the
whole stadium to witness the eclipse.

Similar events, some scientific and many celebratory, can be found all along the path the
shadow of the moon will create as it crosses the continental United States for 90 continuous

Meanwhile, the series explores how the scientific community sees this event as perhaps the
greatest opportunity to observe the sun and its all important corona in a lifetime. With so many locations to choose from across the eclipse path, the question facing astronomers and
physicists isn’t whether or not to go to the eclipse, it’s where they should go to give themselves the best shot at clear skies.


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For more information:

Vanessa Gillon - CuriosityStream

Elizabeth Buckley - Eclipse Across America

The 2017 Eclipse: Get out there!

There's no better way to connect with the power of an eclipse than to get out and experience one for yourself.

With our documentary,  we are reaching out to the general public in a call to everyone willing to utilize the power of their mobile phones to collect as many HDR (High Dynamic Range) image sequences as possible during totality at their location.  At any given location, the duration of totality will be no greater the 2.5 minutes, but with observers scattered across the entire path, we can effectively create an uninterrupted view of the entire event.  A custom "app" will aid this volunteer army of photographers in this endeavor.  The features of this app will be discussed fully in a subsequent white paper, but it will take advantage of all the remarkable features that these devices place in our hands. 

Being that the entire observable path falls exclusively upon the USA, we also have the remarkable advantage of not having national borders to contend with, a sophisticated roads and telecommunication infrastructure, and also a common language. These factors — missing in most other eclipses — allow us to propose that we establish a coordinated array of thousands and thousands of observers all along the "path of totality" in the undertaking to capture potentially millions of images which we will then aggregate in REALTIME, into one unified experience.

This requires a coordinated effort. We propose using 100 skilled video camerapersons strategically placed at locations equally spaced along the path. They will be using professional video cameras that produce HRD video in RAW format. In essence, raw video is also a series of essentially still images but all linked into a video file. RAW video offers a High Dynamic Range, which is required in order to capture all the subtleties of the corona. With these 100 cameras it is also possible to cover the entire eclipse but with the benefit of creating video files immediately. 

The entire effort will be documented, broadcast and streamed live to all those who are not able to actually either be there or to participate live. There will be a global audience!

The experience of seeing the Total Eclipse of the Sun is not simply seeing a black disk in the sky surrounded by the ephemeral milky white corona.  Yes, if you are there seeing that,  you are indeed blessed with a remarkable sight but you are also experiencing many other sensations. The temperature drops, people gasp with delight and shout for joy,  animals act weird!  The daylight dips first to a silvery grey and then suddenly you are plunged into darkness in the middle of the day. 

It is nothing you have seen or experienced before. It is completely new.  Your own emotions are alive as are all those around you. 

In short, it is overwhelming. So, get out there, and be forewarned: this is how an eclipse chaser is born!