Welcome to the Eclipse Across America community

August 21st 2017: The amazing eclipse coming to the USA is still well over a year away but plans behind the scenes have been underway to take advantage of this unique event for quite sometime. It's time now that we begin the serious outreach to... well, too everyone one in the entire Nation! This eclipse not only offers it's USA audience a remarkable path of totality but will also, present the entire Continental USA with the sight of the partial eclipse. At the very farthest points North and South, the States will see no less then a %50 eclipse while most places will receive a much greater amount. No matter where you are, you will be able to witness and enjoy the 2017 Eclipse Across America. There is also going to be great opportunities for thousands, if not millions of people to participate in our scientific attempt to film the eclipse in a way never undertaken before. It's going to be a social networking first with tens of thousands of people all across America contributing their photographs and video to the "MegaMovie" database and being part of making a nonstop film of totality for over 90 minutes. More on how you can join in on that effort as the project moves along. So, again, welcome to the Eclipse Across America Community and keep a lookout for more information here over the next weeks and months as the NATIONAL ECLIPSE draws near.